Holiday Outfit Ideas

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Eggnog lattes, chunky sweaters, and Christmas music.  The glow of a warm fire diffused in a cozy room, a sharp contrast to the bright white snow falling outside.  Perhaps this is how the holiday season plays out in the collective imagination, but in reality the month of December is more akin to a trip to Las Vegas than to a scene from White Christmas.  Even the most socially averse person will likely have to attend a holiday party for their office or their spouse’s office.  Those of us who actually enjoy celebrations will have to juggle invitations, handle calendar conflicts, and coordinate outfits!  So, before we start worrying about gift giving let’s get dressed, shall we?

A simple, yet interesting, gold dress in shimmery silky fabric might be the most versatile choice for the holidays.  Gold is festive, but not associated with any particular religious denomination.  Which reminds me of the first dance recital one of my daughters participated in.  We were asked to dress her in something festive.  Without a second thought I chose a red dress.  After all I am catholic and celebrate Christmas.  I had not watched a single rehearsal because my husband used to be the one taking her to ballet class.  So I sat in the audience watching my 2 year-old dance to a Hanukah song while dressed as baby Clauss!

storets Gwen Shiny DressYes, that was serious digressing!  Back to outfits, I love how the model in the above photo layered her dress.  If that kind of  layering is not for you, this little jacket can be the answer.  It would also look great style with jeans.

These pretty and elegant sandals, which also come in a beautiful champagne satin, can complement the look perfectly.

Stars have been trending lately, and it seems that off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are not going anywhere. Combine the two trends in this really gorgeous dress.


I usually favor dresses for special occasions because I find them easier to style, and generally speaking, prettier.  But separate pieces can be way more versatile.  Case in point: my outfit from last Christmas.  The dress is gorgeous, but I can’t really wear it that frequently.  Now this green sequined skirt is guaranteed to look festive, but it can be also be worn thought the year, to occasions other than Christmas parties.  Come to think of it, it could be great for St. Patrick’s Day.

storets Amanda Side Slit Sequin Skirt

The dress I wore last Christmas

Something like this would be a more casual choice, but still cute.

Once we have decided what to wear, a huge weight will be lifted, and we will be in a much better frame of mind to shop for our loved ones. Provided that we have not completely blown our budgets. Which styles are your favorites?

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