Because You Really Need Another Halloween Costume Ideas Post

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With one week left until Halloween, you are sure to be seeing a lot of blog posts with last minute Halloween costume ideas. You can find articles targeting people too lazy to put any effort into their costumes, procrastinators, and those who refuse to pay the equivalent of an avocado toast for their costume. Avo toasts are a totally appropriate metric to gage the financial value of goods and services. And did I mention they can be quite pricey?

Still, I feel like my two cents can be valuable. Let me start with my own costume choice.  I like the idea of group costumes, but have only been able to pull it off twice with a significant other. My kids are usually set on getting their own costumes, so I’ve never attempted to talk them into my ideas. Until now. I am set on dressing up as the Mother of Dragons, and forcing my husband into role playing as King Snow (he might get a bonus at the end of the night lol), and paying my kids to dress as dragons. A little extra fun will be deciding which one will be the ‘white walker’ dragon. Maybe this one.


The grownup costumes were pretty easy to find.  As for the dragons, well, most of the stuff out there doesn’t look remotely like Daeneris’ children.  I will have to get crafty!

Women’s Dragon Warrior Costume



In my first few years as a mom I did not bother to wear a costume, but still wanted to wear something ‘appropriate’ for Halloween.  The picks bellow are perfect for people who want an alternative to wearing a full costume.

X-Ray Clothing

A fun and easy way to add a little spook to what would have been regular garments.

X-Ray Slay Leggings in XS

X-Ray Express Tank Top in S

Dress or Costume?

The options bellow are pretty items that could be turned into a costume.  Once Halloween is over they could easily be worn as regular clothing, for they are.

The price of this dress is crazy.  I mean, even if you end up not liking it, the wings alone make them a smart buy.  There are some pretty good reviews on Amazon, but I am still waiting for mine to arrive.

This cute, vintage inspired dress could easily be turned into a sailor costume, with just the addition of a hat.


This tulle skirt is gorgeous!  Tulle has been trending lately, and here it gets a sophisticated update.  Perfect for holiday parties, it can however, paired with the right top and accessories easily turn into a witch costume.

storets Selena Mesh Star Embroidered Skirt



If you really don’t want to bother, you can always wear a headband or a shawl.



If my kids refuse my cash offer, I might end up dressing as Wonder Woman.  Happy Halloween witches!Modern Wonder Woman Costume



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