Yellow, Your Are Anything But Mellow

As soon as I read on the Vogue Paris website that yellow was going to be a big trend for Spring/ Summer 2017, I started looking around to see what was out there, as yellow is not really I color I like to wear. I kind of dreaded the thought of shops full of yellow clothing which would totally wash me out.

But the opposite happened! For months I did not see any yellow clothing in the stores and websites I visited. Then I started seeing a few items sprinkled here and there. All of a sudden, yellow was everywhere in stores and on my Instagram feed.  Wait, and in my closet!

To be honest, I did not think much about color when I bought the dress bellow.  It grabbed my attention because of the gingham fabric, and because of the not quite off-the-shoulder, but still shoulder baring silhouette.  The chair I am sitting in is not a prop!  I bought a couple of years ago for my front porch.


This skirt made me gasp for a second.  First let me mention that I loved the vinyl trend which dominated the streetwear scene during Fall/Winter 2016, especially in New York City.  Sure, the vinyl piece I own is one hot pair of pants, but it is also hot as in the opposite of cold.  So when I saw this vinyl skirt, in yellow I logging into PalPay with record speed.  Now I can wear vinyl without sweating.


This dress is so breezy and versatile.  It can be dressed down, as shown in the pictures bellow, or it can be worn in more formal situations.  

Whenever I choose yellow I usually go for a bright and punchy shade.  This top  is an exception.  I really like this hue because it has a neutral quality to it.  I finding myself reaching for it on a weekly basis.  That is serious love, considering how much clothing is in my closet.

I have two more recent yellow purchases which are still waiting for their debut.  Check back for photos or follow me on Instagram.  Or both!


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