Spring/ Summer 2017 Trends

If you come here for fashion forecasting you will likely be disappointed. While I do have a knack for spotting trends early on, I also have a tendency to procrastinate. Therefore, between the time when I watch a fashion show or buy something, and the time I post, the trends will have already arrived, cancelling the need for forecasting. In this post I will share my personal interpretation of some of the trends that are hot this Spring and Summer. I hope that this post serves to inspire you rather than inform you. As always, I would love your feedback. Ready, set, go!

Colors – Pink and Yellow

Two colors that stood out to me this season are yellow and pink.  As soon as I read on Vogue  that yellow was going to be big I started looking around to see what was out there, as yellow is not really I color I like to wear. I kind of dreaded the thought of stores full of yellow clothing which would totally wash me out. But the opposite happened. For a while I did not see any yellow clothing in the stores and websites I visited. Then I saw a few here and there. I picked the two items that were the brightest shade of yellow that I found, and I love them! The skirt is in vinyl, a material that was super popular last season, and which refuses to go away. Maybe the heat and humidity of July will be its demise.

I do not considered myself girly, and would not say that pink is one of my favorite colors. But based on the amount of pink garments it stores, my closet would call me a liar.



I love words on paper, but usually shy away from words, and logos, on clothes.  But there are some clever wording all over this season.


Trench Coats

A Spring staple, the trench coat has been going through some transformation as of late.  Photos to come!


Posting photo shortly

One Shoulder

This update of the off the shoulder look was introduced last season.  I am kind of obsessed with this trend, as I am drawn to asymmetry when it comes to clothing.



Statement Shoulders – Padded or Cold


In addition to asymmetrical clothing I also have a penchant for clothes that seem to be falling apart.  I especially like the fact that dress shirts are being deconstructed this season.  I rarely wear button-down shirts because they are too formal for my taste and lifestyle, but I am enjoying wearing shirt sleeves as belts or as part of a dress.

Floral Patches

Come back to see a photo of the cutest one piece swimsuit!

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