Clutching My Pearls

Pearls are synonymous with elegance.  They may not be as expensive (or sparkly and flashy) as diamonds, but they are an easy way to make someone look sophisticated.  That is, when they are worn as jewelry.  Add them to clothing and non-jewelry accessories and the result is quite unexpected.  Here are some of my recent pearly purchases.

Elevating Casual Wear

This sweat coord.  Is.  Everything.  I have to be honest, I am not a fan of sweatpants.  I don’t think there is one single flattering thing about them.  I don’t even like them for comfort, as I find sweats a bit to bulky to lounge in.  So these are most likely the only pair I will ever own.  Period!  Now sweatshirts I really love.


Another category I’m not huge on.  I just don’t think that I rock beanies the way some girls do. But the pearl embellished one was too cute to pass.



Velvet shoes

I was looking for some easy flat shoes for the cold months.  I love boots, but don’t have time to put them on on a regular basis.  I know, lame.  I am always rushing, so I need some slip on or zip up shoes ready to go.  Thing is, they can’t be boring.  This pair is just the solution.  I call them grown up goth.  Perfect complement to the 90s inspired outfits that currently fill my closet.



This jacket checks so many boxes for me, that I don’t even know where to begin.

Girl With A Purrl Earring

The cat ears add fun to these simple pearl earrings.


Cold shoulder

Ok, maybe these straps are not meant to drape the arms, but they do look nice styled that way.  A fresh way to sport the cold shoulder trend.


Fishnet caught pearls?



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