Winter Sales

As I mentioned on my New Years post, I am making a point to avoid sales, and all the impulsive, unnecessary expenses that will keep me from buying the things I really want. Case in point, I was about to buy some shoes because they were really inexpensive AND on sale. But the more I spend $30 on shoes I don’t care about, the harder it will be for me to buy the $600 pair that really in love with. There are exceptions though. Like these boots, which were actually in my shopping basket back in October. I got sidetracked, and didn’t go through with the transaction. But I never forgot about them. So when they went on sale, it was a no brainer.

dolce vita shoes, butterfly tights
Photo: Yvonne Kasparian



Likewise, I had been eyeing a Zhivago dress, so when I saw that a certain store (which went under and sold most of its nice stuff within days) had marked all of their items down 40% I jumped at the opportunity and purchased one in pink. I wanted to wear it on Valentine’s Day, but it didn’t arrive on time.  I can’t bring myself to pay for expedited shipping, unless I really need the item I am purchasing.  And lets face it, I don’t need that dress.  Pictures coming soon!

The next two items I wasn’t really looking for, but I would still have bought them at full price.

Befitting of Fame Maxi Dress in Peach in XS

I’m not a huge fan of Rockstud shoes, but I love this Valentino ring!


These shirts, and earrings are not on sale, so technically thy should not be here, but I could not resist sharing them.  Look out for photos of the shirts on next week on Instagram.



Quote Couture Earrings

What about you?  Buying anything before Spring comes?

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