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I experienced my first Thanksgiving dinner at a French restaurant in the Meatpacking District in New York. It was one of the few restaurants open that day, so it was packed! I felt as if I were at a United Nations meeting, so varied were the languages and accents I heard while waiting (for an hour) at the bar to get seated. It was a day just like any other for us expats.

A year later I was hosting my very first Thanksgiving dinner! I have to say that this is a holiday that had to grow on me. I love the idea of gratitude, and the fact that it is a holiday that can be celebrated in every american home, regardless of religion. But first I had to get used the food. Now I actually look forward to some of those dishes, which I only get to eat once a year. And so I eat a lot of it.

Thanksgiving is often about spending laid back time with family, not a time to obsess over fashion. But since we still have to get dressed, and therefore make choices, here are some outfit ideas for the day. Whether you are spending it with your family, or the significant other’s family, watching football, or Instagraming (that is what I do while my husband’s family watches football), these outfits will guarantee that you look fly and feel comfortable.

1. Stay on Track

Track pants have gotten a posh update this season, and have crossed over from the gym to the streets. Paired with heels they instantly become a chic and comfortable alternative to jeans.





2.  Wake-up and Go

Spending Thanksgiving at home or with close family, and don’t feel like dressing up?  Wear a pajama dress.  Or just go ahead an don an actual pajama.  No one will know the difference.


3.  Crush it!

Heading to your beau’s family’s house and want to look pretty but not overdone?  This velvet dress is the answer. I was going to wear it to my hubby’s dad’s house, but we will all have to coordinate outfits for a family photo picture.



4.  Bring on the Holiday Spirit

Go with red or green to immerse yourself in the season.  My mother-in-law chose jeans and white or burgundy top for the women to wear for the photo.  I could not find a top that I like, but I LOVE this dress, so I will wear it over a pair of dark skinny jeans



Best of the Fresh Sheath Dress in Burgundy

from: ModCloth

5. Waist Friendly

This jumpsuit is sexy, comfortable and will easily hide any extra handles you might acquire during the course of dinner

Dress up While Hiding the Turkey

Are you set on wearing a fancy dress?  Go with a wide cut, such as the pleated style bellow.


How are you spending Thanksgiving?  And what are you going to wear?

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