Costume Ready, With 20 Days Until Halloween

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Before I had children, Halloween was merely another opportunity to party hop.  Every year I would resolve to make a clever and creative costume.  I would even consider joining a sewing class.  But then on October 31st I would find myself waiting for over an hour just to get into the Ricky’s adjacent to the NYU campus.  The only costumes left would be the kind that I could wear to perform a certain kind of ‘trick’ in.

A swimsuit, a badge and handcuffs?  Police officer.  A two-piece bikini paired with a red tutu, bandana and eye patch? Arrhh! Pirate.  I would search through every shelf for a costume that didn’t reveal my insides, then leave the store with an overpriced garment.  Then I would spend the entire night explaining who or what I was supposed to be.  I once bought a last minute ‘fortune teller’ costume, which basically consisted of a little purple faux velvet dress with small coins sewn onto the hem, and a headpiece.  No one got it.

Now that I have kids I do a little more costume planning.  For the kids!  Once I had kids and left New York, halloween became about trick or treating instead of all-night parties, so I stopped caring about my attire.  Still, I always wear some elements of a costume.  Last year was the first time in six years that I purchased a costume for myself.  There was no mistaking that I was a minion.


This year my 3 year-old daughter decided early on that she wanted to dress as princess Elena of Avalor.  She also chose that as my costume.  I loved the fact that she chose a costume for me, so I would not have to think about what to wear.  I was also glad that it did not involve DIY videos, Pinterest, and endless trips to the craft supply store.  Disney princess costumes are available everywhere, even for adults.  Well, except for Elena!  So I looked for and found a plain red dress in similar fabric, and ordered this gorgeous belt which I was already planning on buying.  I will adorn myself with the same jewelry set that I got for my daughter at the Disney store, style my hair and, voila!

Red Gothic Women’s Wedding Dress – $74.99


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Sure, I will work harder on my costume than I had originally planned, but I will do almost anything for my kids.  There is no way I will look as good in my DIY costume as my girls do in their Elena of Avalor dresses.  Can’t compete with those beauties!


What about you?  Have you chosen a costume yet?

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