Sequins! How To Wear This FW2016 Trend

I am really digging Fall/ Winter 2016 fashion trends.  But the sequin trend is one that has caught my attention in a big way.  I started seeing it sprinkled here and there.  Then bamm!, it was all over the place…and my house.  I love sparkles, but I also realize that too much bling can make a person look like a Christmas tree, at best.  This post is meant to share some inspo for how to incorporate sequins into your day-to-day outfits.

1. Go Big

Literally!  If you are bold and want some drama in your (sartorial) life, opt for a piece that is entirely covered in sequins.  This oversize coat is perfect for grocery shopping, but can also be worn as a dress.  Think of it as a trench coat dress.  Although not as fashion-forward as the one Mrs. Kardashian West wore in Paris, this style it is very on pointe.


2.  Go Asymmetric

Sequins, and embellishments in general, are a great way to elevate a pair of jeans, especially when it is loose fitting like the one pictured bellow.  The fact that only one leg is covered in sequins makes the jeans look cool and edgy. Two sequined legs would have made the look belong on a stage. I feel very stylish, and yet very comfortable and chill when I wear them, and I get a lot of attention, the good kind.  I was wearing this outfit on a Saturday afternoon, when meeting friends at a chic but laid back market in Malibu.  The outfit is one part odm brunch, two parts part girl boss.Barbara__004

3.  Carry It

For those who are drawn to the sequin trend, but are not willing to wear it, an accessory, such as this darling, and surprisingly well-priced clutch is the answer.

4. Display it

Replacing pillows every season is a very easy way to update the look of a home.  I have quite a few pillows,  which are rotated throughout the year, but every now and then I add a new one.  My latest purchase just happened to embellished with sequins.  I love how it is Halloween inspired, but overtly so.

5.Match it!

Matching the color of the sequins to the color of the garment it covers offers a subtle way to wear the look. Especially if covers it only partially, as in the dress pictured bellow.

6. Walk it!

The, arguably, most famous pair of shoes in America, the ones worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, are covered in sequins.  Need more convincing that sequin shoes are fab?  That same pair has raised $30,000, 10% of the total cost to preserve it.  Read the story here.  That price tag makes even this Rochas pair seem like a bargain.

What about you?  How do you feel about sequins?  Are you going to sport this trend?


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