Fall/ Winter 2016 Fashion Trend Checklist

Time to say goodbye to my favorite season.  I was born during the summer (on the Southern hemisphere), and grew up in a part of the world that is perennially warm.  When I moved to New York City, in the Fall, to attend college, I brought along two suitcases full of sundresses, shorts and tank tops.  Also in my possession were a pair of turquoise capri pants, as well as a pair of high-heel mules in the same shade, that I used to wear every other day.  A week later I walked into a Guess store and purchased a faux leather jacket that I hoped would keep me warm for a month or two.  When winter arrived a bought two coats at Zara (a splurge at the time), some hats and gloves.

I was set.  I mean, I had always had a personal style, but never cared that much about fashion.  To be young… and a nerd.

But when I started modeling a new world opened up in front of me.  The veteran models looked so fascinating!  Their clothes, and the way they wore them were completely new to me.  Well, soon enough I was hooked.  I would save up money for key items, then spend hours combing though discount stores to find cool pieces that I could easily afford.  And the best time of year to showcase my looks? Fall, of course.  Summer was too hot for me to even want to wear clothes, while winter was so cold that the only visible parts of my outfit were the coat and shoes.  And Spring, well, Spring in New York is just too short.  I always ended up regretting buying a Spring jacket, because I’d wear it once, and a minute later it was 105 degrees.

Then every July I would start building my Fall wardrobe.  The excitement actually helped to ease the sadness I felt when I got in the car to head west on the I-495 after Labor Day.

My Fall checklist this year is quite long.  The decade that brought us Nirvana is dominating the fashion landscape.  You can channel Courtney Love in slip dresses and chokers, or go for a more sophisticated look with rich velvet and brocades.  Or like me, go for both looks, and then some.

The Slip Dress

Worn on their own, or layered over tee-shirts and sweaters, slip dresses are sexy in a very easy, relaxed way.  If you are afraid of looking like you’re wearing a nightgown in public, opt for styles without lace details.  If you are brave, DO wear a night slip as a dress.  No one will really know.

Barbara__052You can find this dress here



The richness and thickness of velvet pairs very well with cold weather.  The lux fabric is everywhere this season, from clothing, to shoes and jewelry (mainly chokers).  I do love velvet, but find that it can dress up an outfit way too easily.  So I either purchase a strong, intentionally dressy piece, or go for something playful.  The pink choker bellow is super easy, plus it cost less than a cup of coffee.  The dress is full of sass, especially is this warm spicy shade.  This one is has a similar vibe.  The jacket is proof that when you invest in quality pieces you do get to wear them longer.  I bought this Azzaro blazer years ago, but it does not look dated.  Fast fashion is fun, but good luck holding on to a cheap piece of clothing for three years.  If the threads manage to survive, the style certainly won’t.





I am so into this trend that I am dedicating a post to it.  ‘Nuff said.

Bomber Jackets

I remember wearing a green Polo Ralph Lauren bomber jacket in the late nineties.  I think it was actually a men’s version, and was not flattering.  So I initially felt like I wasn’t going to buy one this season.  That was until I saw one at Urban Outfitters that I really liked.  Luckily I didn’t buy it, because within weeks there were hundreds of jackets just like that one, with only slight variations.  The lace one in the picture stood out from the crowd .  Sure, it can’t keep me warm, but it definitely looks on pointe.

New Fall Staple Jacket

One-shoulder and Dramatic Sleeves

This trend is kind of an evolution from the previous season’s off-the-shoulder look, which is still going strong, but needs to just go away  Lets face it, as cute as those romantic tops and dresses look, we’re kind of over that trend.  At least I am.  Time to fresh things up and add a little edge.



Mom Jeans and Unfinished Hems

Here are my thoughts on mom jeans.  As with mom jeans, I was initially less than thrilled about jeans with unfinished hems.  As soon as I saw this pair from Ayr I said yes to the trend.  I should have included a back shot, as they are make make my behind look great.

Matching Sets

I was never one to match tops and bottoms.  My personal style is quirky and eclectic.  So, just like with the mom jeans, I would only wear this trend if I found something interesting.  Turns out, there are so many cool matching sets out there!




What about you?  What is in your checklist?  Please share bellow.

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