Fall 2016 Trend Alert: New Favorite Jeans

As a busy mom who spends her days chasing kids, while trying to act and look just as cool as she used to look prior to having kids, I am averse to anything that has the word “mom” attached to it. So I was not about to embrace the mom jeans trend. I am perfectly happy with skinny jeans and crop tops.

But then I started seeing mom jeans everywhere! In no time I noticed that some of those pants actually looked cool. See, if I’m going to wear some high-waited baggy jeans which do not do much to flatter my body, it will have to be cute or irresistible. So when I came across these adorable cat jeans, which reminded me of a style I saw for kids at Nordstrom or H&M last year, I jumped on them. And they became my favorite jeans. I am obsessed and wear them whenever the summer heat in SoCal allows.

Then I searched the net for similar jeans for my girls. Because we are going through a matching phase. Speaking of matching, the matching set, or co-ord trend, by the way, is another one that I was averse to at first, but with which I’ve ben having lots of fun.

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